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Many times in our lives, we could use someone who we can look up to. Someone who can inspire us to work harder, do things differently, become better versions of ourselves. This week, I have two people who might inspire you.

Inspiring People with Mental Illness 

Many times in our lives, we could use someone who we can look up to. Someone who can inspire us to work harder, do things differently, become better versions of ourselves. This week, I have two people who might inspire you.

Fighting the Worst Depression Ever

Jack Smith authors the Coping with Depression blog on You may have noticed he hasn't been writing for almost two months. Facing a horrible, protracted bout of major depression which nothing he and his doctors tried could relieve, Jack was hospitalized. And then he faced a decision, should he undergo what has been described as the scariest depression treatment of all - ECT, electroconvulsive therapy? He fought his fears and did it. He says ECT may have changed his life.

Battling Hallucinations, Delusions and Horrendous Stigma to Recover From Schizophrenia

InspiringWhen I try and imagine what Dan Hoeweler, our schizophrenia blogger, has been through, it brings tears to my eyes. Not only did he have to live with one of the worst mental illnesses and all that means, on top of that he faces the stigma of schizophrenia day-after-day. And somehow, he's not only managed to recover from schizophrenia, he has his dignity intact and inspires others with schizophrenia that, they too, can achieve what he's done by accepting schizophrenia.

Are these two people some kind of superhumans able to defy what others can't. I think if you asked them, they would say "no, we're just like everybody else." And that's where the inspiration comes in. If they could do it, think to yourself, "maybe I can too."

"New" Schizophrenia Information Community

We're always busy here at HealthyPlace. This week, we reopened our Thought Disorders Community, where you'll find trusted information on schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder. We have lots of new articles and videos. The information is organized and easy to find. Check it out and I hope you'll share it with others. Here's a very small sample of the schizophrenia articles you'll find there:

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I want to introduce our new bloggers to you.

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EMDR Self-Help Techniques on HealthyPlace TV

EMDR therapy is known for it's quick relief of PTSD symptoms resulting from traumas like rape and combat. Dr. Francine Shapiro discovered and developed EMDR. We did a great interview with Dr. Shapiro discussing how EMDR works, its benefits, plus new self-help techniques you can use to counter negative thoughts and emotions. Watch EMDR Self-Help Techniques.

Improving Relationships Between Brothers And Sisters

In childhood, some brothers and sisters get along fabulously. Others fight like cats and dogs. As a parent, you hate to see it, but sometimes no matter what you try, the fighting continues.

The Parenting Coach, Dr. Steven Richfield, has some advice for parents whose children constantly fight.

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