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Tips For Seeing the Psychiatrist

Over the years I have learned a lot of things to-do and not-to-do when seeing the psychiatrist. Here are a few tips for what to do in your initial visit with the psychiatrist. I wish I would have done these things sooner. If I had I probably would have received the proper diagnosis and treatment many years before I finally did.

1) See a psychiatrist, not a general practitioner. General practitioners are not mental health experts. They are not up to date in the latest treatments and developments in the mental health field.

2) Bring a list of your symptoms and problems you want to improve. This way you can help the psychiatrist understand what you are going through and figure out what target areas to treat. It is important to have these written down so that you don’t forget something important. Bring a list of questions too.

3) Be honest! The psychiatrist will not be able to treat your symptoms if he or she does not even know what your symptoms are.

3 thoughts on “Tips For Seeing the Psychiatrist”

  1. To take a decision for seeing the psychiatrist is very difficult one. Even to fact that mental diseases are common health disorders, people hesitate to see the psychiatrist when they have got problem with their mental health. Most of them firstly visit psychologist, general practitioner or internist, disregarding so clearly mental symptoms and sufferings. This isn’t a formal ascertainment, but a sorrowful reality. Those who arrange to see a psychiatrist often are charged wit sense of shame and guiltiness. Some of them didn’t accept mental problems as personal accusing someone for their mental disarrengement. For me as clinical psychiatrist, to accept the mental disorder as oneself illness is of primary significance for the evolution of the same psychiatric entity. Without this acceptance, all the effort to overcome mental dysfunction would be uselessly. In this direction of great importance is the ability of psychiatrist to persuade the psychiatric patient for psychiatric treatment, in parallel with three Your suggestions on the side of respective psychiatric patient.

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