Finding it Hard to Set Boundaries? Think of It This Way

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Although setting boundaries is healthy, it can be tough to do. Learn 2 concepts that will help you to establish and keep healthy boundaries at HealthyPlace

Finding it Hard to Set Boundaries? Think of It This Way

Setting boundaries in any relationship, be it work, personal, or casual, can be tough to do. Yet establishing healthy boundaries is important for mental health; they let you function well in the world and help others meet their needs while simultaneously allowing you to maintain a sense self and meet your own needs.

Knowing this and wanting healthy boundaries is one thing. Establishing and keeping boundaries isn't so easy. Two concepts can help you know where to draw your boundary line: compromise and appeasement.

Compromise is part of having healthy boundaries. It's part of a give-and-take relationship between people. With compromise, all involved expresses their ideas or desires, and these are heard respectfully. Many times, we have to give up some of what we want, but in compromising, we don't have to give up everything. Compromise is a dance that helps people maintain their most important boundaries.

Appeasement, on the other hand, means constantly giving in in order to make others happy or to avoid conflict (How to Stop Being a People Pleaser). If we're appeasing everyone, we are giving up our own healthy boundaries. We can end up feeling taken advantage of and resentful.

Setting boundaries is an important aspect of maintaining mental health. Check in with yourself. Do you find yourself appeasing others or compromising?

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