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A Brief Life Story



Information, Points of View on Gender, Intersexuality and Hermaphrodites
Brief History of a Hermaphrodite
  • Hermaphrodite Porn is Faked
    Hermaphrodite porn on the web is faked. Those depicted are mostly normal women posing with false penial prosthetics or are pre-operation transsexuals.

  • Sex Police
    The biology of sex is being hotly debated, as parents, doctors and researchers reevaluate what it means to be male and female.

  • John/Joan
    In 1967, an anonymous baby boy was turned into a girl by doctors at Johns Hopkins Hospital. For 25 years, the case of John/Joan was called a medical triumph — proof that a child's gender identity could be changed — and thousands of "sex reassignments" were performed based on this example. But the case was a failure, the truth never reported. Now the man who grew up as a girl tells the story of his life, and a medical controversy erupts.

  • Intersex Survivors of Domestic Violence
    A significant number of intersex individuals identify themselves as survivors of domestic violence, but many are afraid to come forward and ask for help. Why?

  • A Native American Perspective on the Theory of Gender Continuum
    Many of the world's cultures recognize more than two genders. The notion that there are those of us who do not fit precisely into either a male or female role has historically been accepted by many groups.

  • Multi-Dimensionality of Gender
    Probably more upsetting to our conventional view of gender than this fuzziness of gender roles is that we can be a MIX of male and female identities within the same individual.

  • Marriage Between Close Relations Increases Risk
    Marriage within close relations or within the same community may increase the risk of hermaphroditism.

  • Intersexuality - A Plea for Honesty and Emotional Support
    Intersexual children need early access to a peer support group where they can find role models and discuss medical and lifestyle options.
  • Syndromes of Abnormal Sex Differentiation
    From the Johns Hopkins Children's Center, this booklet is designed to help parents and patients understand intersexuality and the challenges that accompany syndromes of "abnormal" sex differentiation.

  • A Single Word: Stop!
    Deborah E. Brown, Director of the Intersex Support Group International, advises parents of intersexed newborns not to jump into gender assignment surgery.

  • American Academy of Pediatrics Report
    Medical staff and parents should refrain from immediately assigning a gender to newborns with genital abnormalities until the child's condition can be thoroughly reviewed and given careful consideration.

  • The Medical Management of Intersexed Children
    How psychologically traumatic is it for intersexed children who have to receive repeated medical exams and procedures?

  • Management Of Intersexuality
    Guidelines for dealing with individuals with ambiguous genitalia. Directed towards doctors but good for parents of intersexed children to know.

  • Sexual Scientists Question Medical Treatment of Hermaphroditism
    The fate of persons born with ambiguous genitals (also called hermaphrodites, or intersexuals) was the focus of debate when sexual scientists from around the world met.

  • Genital Surgery on Intersexed Children
    This letter was sent from Cheryl Chase, Exec. Dir., Intersex Society of North America to a judge in Columbia, South America. It explains why the court should allow the child to make any decisions about surgery herself, when she is old enough to evaluate risks and benefits.

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