Intersexuals and Their Lives

A Brief Life Story

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A Brief Life Story

One of the most frightening things that anyone can experience in life is the thought that "I am the only one." This "real people" section of my site is designed to let others know they are not alone. There are many intersexuals out there in the universe. Here, are but a few of their stories:

* Steven Hammond started life as Linda Hammond. That didn't change until 25 years later.

How about sharing the story of your life? We are interested in knowing about what your life was like as a child and later as an adult. Also, whether or not you underwent gender reassignment surgery as a child or adult and if so, what has been the impact on you? If you have decided to remain externally intersexual, why?

Other topics include psychologically coping with your gender identity, how you told others about being intersexual and how did they react, your adult relationships and anything else you feel is important.

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