Video on Surviving Suicide Attempts: Back from the Brink

Many people at some time in their lives think about committing suicide, mostly depressed people. But what happens if a suicide attempt fails? Surviving a suicide attempt and coping with it may be very hard to do. Our guest Paula Hardin, talks about her life experience dealing with depression and suicide attempts.

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About our guest on the Surviving Suicide Attempts video: Paula Hardin

Paula Hardin

Paula Hardin has been depressed most of her life. Her life has been full of drama: the death for her dad, unhealthy relationships, losing a baby, a divorce, losing her house, etc. She has survived two suicide attempts, the first when she was young and the second in 2006. After her second suicide attempt her family was devastated. Then she realized she was truly loved and she wanted to be alive. She is now in therapy and taking antidepressants. She also became involved in church and in a support group, and lives a happier life.

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