Self-Love Is Part of Healing After Verbal Abuse

August 17, 2023 Cheryl Wozny

For me, self-love is part of healing after verbal abuse. Individuals who experience verbal abuse may have low self-esteem, which can trickle into other areas of life. Without healthy confidence, people may neglect to care for themselves or regularly put themselves second to others. Understanding how to reintroduce healing self-care and self-love into your life can be challenging after breaking free from verbal abuse. 

How I Practice Self-Love in My Healing Process From Abuse

It can be difficult to see yourself as worthy of love and acceptance after experiencing verbal abuse. You may second guess your abilities or feel worthless. It took me many years of therapy to understand the correlation between loving myself and the relationships in my life, but now I know that self-love must be a part of my healing process. Here are some things I do for myself now: 

I Get Enough Sleep for Proper Healing

My energy levels drive a big part of my emotions. If I am overtired, I have less patience with myself and will not stand up for my rights. Being exhausted, I am more prone to letting someone talk down to me, insult me, or speak unfairly. So, ensuring I get enough sleep each day helps me cope with less-than-ideal situations in a healthy manner. 

I Eat Well During My Healing Process

Diet can play a large part in self-love as a part of healing. Taking care of your body is vital for a long, thriving life. I soon realized on days when I splurged on junk food, I felt ill and lethargic and spiraled into self-doubt. I know I have more energy and feel better about myself by including a healthy diet and avoiding fatty, deep-fried foods and sugary drinks. The right foods can restore depleted vitamins and minerals, helping your body work more efficiently.

I Exercise Regularly as a Healing Tool

When it comes to exercise, I think it can be any movement or activity that will get your body moving and increase your heart rate. Exercise can range from walking with your dog to running a marathon, depending on your personal limitations. I noticed my mood is better after I spend some time sweating at the gym or going for a run. Exercise gives me back my confidence, helping me with my healing journey.

I Go for Massages as Part of My Healing Process

Not everyone will have the health benefits to take advantage of services like massage or acupuncture. I am thankful that my partner has benefits through his employer that allow me to visit a masseuse during the year. When I have my appointment, I get to relax and enjoy some quiet time without worrying about anyone else but me.

Self-love as a Part of Healing Is Critical 

Everyone who experiences verbal abuse will have a unique healing journey. I noticed that once I included more self-care in my daily life, I felt better about myself. What are the ways that you show self-love as a part of healing? Is there something you do that I haven't included in my list? Please leave me a comment and let me know what you use.

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Author: Cheryl Wozny

Cheryl Wozny is a freelance writer and published author of several books, including mental health resources for children titled, Why Is My Mommy So Sad? and Why is My Daddy So Sick? Writing has become her way of healing and helping others. Find Cheryl on TwitterInstagramFacebook, and her blog

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