I Didn't Recognize Depression Symptoms in Myself

August 14, 2011 Amanda_HP

There's a lot of awareness around depression these days. People talk more freely about it, there are antidepressant ads on television and radio, and, of course, there's the Internet where information on depression is bountiful. So how is it that a person could be suffering from depression but not recognize the symptoms of depression in themselves?

How Could You Not Recognize Depression Symptoms?

How does that happen?

  • There are still many who don't know the signs of major depression and that depression is a serious mental illness.
  • Some are in denial about living with depression. They may think, "I'm just a little (sad, lonely, numb, stressed, etc.). This will go away."
  • Others have been living with depression symptoms for so long, they think that that's how everyone lives.

Unrecognized Depression Results in Serious Problems

ken-depression-guestAccording to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 1 in 10 people suffers from depression at any given time. One of those people is Ken. One day, Ken tweeted out to us that he ended up being hospitalized because he never recognized the symptoms of depression in himself (follow HealthyPlace on Twitter).

"I am a husband, a father of two wonderful daughters, a recent college graduate with honors, and I live with mental illness. My unipolar depression and anxiety are a part of who I am, and the therapy and medication I use to fight them are no different than a cane or a cast someone with a broken bone might use.

"Still, my mental health affects my life every day. I still experience panic attacks, social phobia, and depressive episodes, but I get up and try every day, because I’m not ready to give up. I’ve fought the hardships of mental illness, and with a great support structure, proven that mental illness is a challenge but not a defeat."

Ken joined us on video to share his depression experience and the impact of what happens when you don't recognize depression symptoms early. Unfortunately, that video is no longer available.

How to Recognize Depression Symptoms in Yourself will give you more insight.

Share Your Experience of Living with Unrecognized Depression Symptoms

Did you not recognize the symptoms of depression in yourself? Why and how did it impact you? And how did you finally learn you had depression? Leave your comments below.

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