Depression Management for a More Productive Life

January 19, 2011 Holly Gray

A mental illness that saps sufferers of motivation and energy, depression notoriously impedes productivity. For many people living with depression, even basic day-to-day chores seem to take herculean effort. The inability to get things done is frustrating on its own, but even more maddening is the vicious cycle it perpetuates. You're depressed, so you can't accomplish much, which just depresses you further. But our guest on this week's HealthyPlace Mental Health TV Show says you don’t have to always be enthusiastic and creative to be at your best. She says you can learn how to get things done when you're depressed by using the same depression management techniques she relies on in her own life.

julie-fastHow to Get Things Done with Depression Management

No stranger to living with depression, Julie A. Fast is a critically acclaimed author, national speaker, and sought after expert in the field of bipolar disorder and depression management. She is regarded as a mental health pioneer for her groundbreaking, comprehensive approach to treating bipolar disorder and depression using both mainstream and proven complimentary therapies. As our guest on this week's show, Julie discusses how to:

  • mentally prepare for working while depressed
  • structure your environment to make working easier
  • work with others
  • mitigate the impact of depression on productivity

get-it-done-when-you-re-depressedThe author (with Dr. John Preston) of Get it Done When You’re Depressed: 50 Strategies for Keeping Your Life on Track, Julie experiences depression chronically and practices these strategies in her daily life. You can read more about Julie by visiting her blog.

Video on Depression Management

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Share Your Depression Experiences

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