Good Self-Care Helps Manage Anxiety at Work

August 27, 2014 Greg Weber

Work anxiety is a common issue for many with an anxiety disorder. In fact, it can be so debilitating for some that they're not able to work at all.

In this video, I interview a friend who works in the medical field, one of the most stressful work environments there is. What's the main way he copes with anxiety at work? Turns out, it's mostly good self-care.

Help Your Anxiety at Work by Practicing Good Self-Care

Work anxiety is a big problem for many people. One of the most important ways to deal with anxiety at work involves practicing good self-care.

While how we cope with anxiety and work is important, how we care for ourselves when we're not at work is equally important. Good anxiety self-care provides the foundation of our stress coping mechanisms. This includes basic physical needs like eating well, getting enough sleep, regular exercise, and dealing appropriately with illnesses.

Anxiety self-care also includes more subtle needs such as rest and relaxation, spending time with friends, engaging in pleasurable activities, and finding opportunities to connect -- not only with others, but with our deeper selves.

How To Deal With Anxiety At Work Video

It's true that we need to do our best to meet our responsibilities at work. It's also true that, especially for us anxious types, we need to make good self-care the foundation of our anxiety recovery. Finding the right balance between work and self-care makes dealing with work stress a lot easier.

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