The Importance of Community When Healing From Trauma

September 18, 2023 Sammi Caramela

When healing from trauma, I have found that having a community is important. Although there are times I feel tempted to isolate myself when I'm struggling with my mental health, I have always felt better after reaching out to loved ones for support. This is especially the case when I seek out people who have been through similar traumas or share similar passions. Finding a community in which I feel welcomed and safe has done wonders for my healing from trauma. 

Why Community Is Helpful When Healing from Trauma

In my experience healing from childhood trauma, finding a community that accepts and embraces me has significantly impacted me. Often, my trauma and the symptoms it's created make me feel as though something is wrong with me. However, when I'm around people who understand my story and provide non-judgmental feedback, I feel safe and empowered enough to heal.

For example, I recently joined a local yoga studio that's filled with strong, free, and empathetic women who inspire me to be myself and own my story. Because they share my desire for healing and love for yoga, I feel right at home in their company. Their encouraging words and open hearts have helped silence my inner critic and given power to my own voice.

How to Find Your Community When Healing from Trauma

When searching for a community to help support my own trauma healing, I made sure the people I surrounded myself with were empathetic, grounded, and committed to their emotional wellness. Not only that, but I also sought a group of individuals who would bring joy, excitement, and passion into my life. For instance, since I love writing, I meet once a week with other writers to discuss our book ideas and draft poetry. This lets me be creative in the presence of another artist — someone who views the world similarly to the way I do.

Sometimes, trauma can make our lives feel gray. We deserve space to be silly, creative, free, and valued — even when we're not perfect. Healing is a lifelong journey, and I used to believe I wasn't worthy of love or happiness until I was completely healthy. I would analyze every emotion and pattern until my brain felt like mush. But the right people won't view you as a project. Your community will help you heal from trauma by reminding you that you are more than what you've been through. 

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Author: Sammi Caramela

Sammi Caramela is a freelance writer, fiction author, poet, and mental health advocate who uses her writing to help others feel less alone. Find her on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and her blog.

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