11 Ways to Fuel PTSD Recovery

July 31, 2013 Michele Rosenthal

No matter who you are, healing PTSD can be difficult. While we can pump ourselves up (and get friends and family to give us pep talks) sometimes in those moments you're all alone you just need a go-to list of places to give yourself an infusion of calm, hope, inspiration, motivation and even, a little bit of love.

In everything I've written about here over the past year, I've never done a post that gives you a list of resources, so this will be the first one!

Where to Find Comfort on the PTSD Journey

I send out a Healing Thought of the Day to those who are on my email list (want to sign up? Visit this page.) It's a practice I love because it means I get to search around for things others have said that reveal a truth about life, an insight that gives us a leg up, or just a little bit of understanding on a tough day.

In addition to quotes, I also like articles written by people who have experienced changes in their lives and learned something about how to successfully move through the transition. And we can't forget audios and videos that just help you smooth out the rough edges of the day.

So, here's list for you to explore in those moments you really want to get out of your head. Since you're stuck in your own skin the best thing to do is find a way to soothe it. Check out these options: -- a site that covers love & family, health, inspiration, entertainment, spirituality and faith. -- a site that explores what it means and how we achieve that 'aha' moment that breaks us through to a new level of being, plus the neuroscience that helps us get there. - a site where journalists and photographers use their skills to inspire optimism and change. -- a site full of short stories submitted by people all over the world that offer hope and inspiration. -- offers free guided relaxation -- a site devoted to bringing inspirational stories to light through video. -- has a terrific page of the top five most inspirational videos of all time.

No list would be complete without your quotations destination (all of these sites offer a slew of quotes in categories that span just about any topic in which you'd want support)

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Author: Michele Rosenthal

August, 26 2013 at 9:07 am

Great list! is a real gem of a website. I had never heard of Isn't that the truth though. It's like trauma can turn us into a different person, and to turn away from the darkness really does require a rewiring. Thanks for posting this. Some more time-killers to check out!

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Michele Rosenthal
August, 27 2013 at 8:00 am

@Silouan -- I'm so glad you like the list! Sometimes, I think it's so necessary that we have inspirational resources as much as we have clinical resources in healing PTSD. Great way to distract the mind and interrupt it's PTSD-driven thought processes.

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