Reducing My Depression with the Art of Diamond Painting

January 28, 2024 Martha Lueck

The creation of art can help with depression. During the cold season, when I'm stuck indoors, it becomes tempting to spend a lot of time sleeping. This only makes me feel depressed. To combat this, I try to find fun activities that challenge my mind. This year, I discovered joy in diamond painting. To learn how the art of diamond painting helps with depression, read on.

What Is the Art of Diamond Painting?

A diamond painting comes in a kit that includes the following items.

  • A sticky canvas
  • Little bags of colorful gems
  • A pen with a sticky side
  • Wax
  • A small tray
  • A color key

The canvas includes a design with numbers, letters, or symbols scattered everywhere. The outside of the bags of gems includes the same characters. The concept is similar to paint-by-number, but I use the gems to bring a painting to life.

First, I open a bag of gems. Then, I put a piece of wax on the pen to pick up a gem. After picking up the gem, I place it on the canvas according to the color or symbol key. Eventually, the painting becomes clear. In the light, it sparkles.

How Diamond Art Helps My Depression

This is how the art of diamond painting helps my depression:

  1. Diamond painting provides a distraction. This month, I have had more time to dwell on regrets from the past. The more I do that, the more depressed I become. But thankfully, doing diamond paintings takes enough concentration to distract me from constant rumination.
  2. My new hobby brings people together. After I bought a cheap set of diamond art coasters, I asked a few friends if they wanted to do the craft with me. We spent three hours diamond painting, talking, and watching a show. I feel like diamond art (and any type of craft) can be used as a way to bring friends together. I will continue to do diamond paintings with my friends and family members.
  3. Diamond painting gives me something to look forward to every day. Depression makes it hard to get out of bed in the morning. So, by doing something that I enjoy every day, I can start my mornings on a positive note. It then becomes easier to stay productive during the afternoon. I reward myself with diamond painting at night.
  4. My progress on the painting improves my self-esteem. It can take a long time to finish a diamond painting. By working on it every day, I can see and appreciate my progress. When a painting is complete, I feel proud of myself for accomplishing something.

Do you have a hobby or create art to cope with depression? Please share how it benefits you in the comments.

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