Why Therapy Is Hard, but Worth the Work

May 14, 2019 Martha Lueck

When many of us think about therapy, we do not think about having to do work. Generally, we imagine ourselves complaining to a therapist about our problems. But therapy is more than just a time to vent. The point of therapy is to gain a new perspective about our struggles so that we can make positive changes in our lives. To learn more about therapy and the work that goes into it, read this article.

A Common Misconception About Therapists

Due to the humorous portrayal of therapists in the media, we get this notion that it is their job to fix our lives. Patients on television shows and movies often ask, “What should I do?” In other words, they do not seek to find the answers themselves; they want the therapist to do it for them. A therapist can often be confused for a genie or a higher power.

I have been guilty of viewing my therapist as a “fairy godmother.” I secretly wanted her to tell me exactly what I wanted to hear. But alas, she gave me the hard truth — she did not know all of the answers. It was ultimately my job to find the answers and apply positive changes to improve my life. My therapist is the teacher, and I am the student. She can provide insight and suggestions, but what I do with the insight and suggestions is up to me.

Therapists Can Give You Valuable Homework

At the end of some of my sessions, my therapist assigns an exercise or a worksheet for me to complete. These assignments are tailored to the topics discussed during the sessions. These worksheets can be very helpful, as they hold me accountable for making positive changes.

There are times when an assignment can be really difficult. For instance, some writing exercises have required me to reflect on hard situations from my childhood. Halfway through some exercises, I would stop because I cannot emotionally handle the memories without crying. Even if I have to take breaks during the exercises, I always finish them with a sense of accomplishment. I know that I am one step closer to making a positive change in my life. So it was worth the work.

If you struggle with the work that is involved in therapy, please remember that it will be worth the effort. When you feel like giving up, imagine what your life could be like in the future.

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