Control What You Can Control; Let Go of the Rest

July 28, 2022 Juliet Jack

I'll admit, it's difficult sometimes to separate a discussion of mental health from a discussion of race. It's difficult to separate a discussion of anything from a discussion of race, for that matter. During my mental health journey, while adapting to the nuances of navigating my illness, it was not lost on me that race itself was another nuance to navigate. This is just one example of a very long list of factors that felt completely out of my control. Although difficult to accept, realizing that I couldn't fix everything opened me up to more healing and more peace throughout my mental health journey. I realized I didn't have to feel guilty for compartmentalizing race and my mental health. This can be applied to any factor that may feel out of your control and cause added strain on your pursuit of mental wellness. It's okay to let go and prioritize yourself. 

Letting Go of What I Couldn't Control

Watch this video to learn about letting go of control by being your own friend.

My depression felt like a game of control. Who will win today? Will the illness or the host win? I was terrified to let go of the fact that although everything happening was happening inside my person, I somehow was not, and did not feel, in control. The lowest, and simultaneously highest, point in my journey was surrendering to that truth. The key is to surrender with humility, not shame. In times of uncertainty and adversity, allyship within ourselves is our strongest power and perhaps the only thing we can truly control.

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