I Don't Want to Make ED Recovery Resolutions This Year

December 27, 2023 Mary-Elizabeth Schurrer

Confession: I don't want to make eating disorder (ED) recovery resolutions this year. In the past, I have dutifully written an exhaustive list of all the milestones I intend to reach in my healing journey, but as 2024 rounds the corner, this ritual suddenly feels more like pressure than motivation. I am a firm believer that recovery is not about ticking off certain boxes or following an arbitrary schedule. I set goals for myself, but I have learned to release expectations as to when I might achieve them. Maybe I'll form a healthier relationship with my own body as soon as tomorrow—or maybe it will take me a lifetime. Either way, I am done trying to force specific outcomes, so I don't want to make ED recovery resolutions this year.

Instead of Making ED Recovery Resolutions

Even though I don't want to make ED recovery resolutions this year, I do think it's vital to remain conscientious and intentional about honoring the ED recovery process. Whenever I drift into a state of complacency, those old behaviors start to resurface, so how can I walk the line between releasing expectations and still hold myself accountable? The answer to that question is a continual work in progress, but instead of making ED recovery resolutions, here's how I plan to sustain my perennial commitment to healing in 2024—and beyond.

Are you tired of feeling the pressure to make ED recovery resolutions? Do you find this practice to be more stressful than helpful in the long term? Would you rather pursue a different course of action this year? How do you plan to focus on your healing commitments in 2024 without overwhelming yourself with a list of arbitrary goals and expectations? Please share your insights in the comment section below.

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