Challenges Women Face in Addiction Recovery

March 26, 2020 Amanda Richardson

Pursuing and surviving sobriety is no easy feat, and for women in addiction recovery, the challenge can feel even more strenuous. Addiction of any kind can touch the lives of just about everyone no matter our racial, ethnic, or religious background; however, the fight to stay sober might look different for different individuals pursuing recovery.

Due to numerous unfair gender roles and expectations society places on women, many female addicts often feel as though getting help is simply not an option. Because women are often obligated to be caretakers for friends, children, parents, and grandparents, many of them are too wrapped up with the challenging responsibility of caring for others, leaving little or no time to care for themselves.

I've been reminded continually throughout the month of March, which has graciously been named Women's History Month in the United States, how crucial it is that we care for all women, especially those impacted by addiction and mental health problems ("Dual Diagnosis: Substance Abuse Plus A Mental Illness"). On March 8 especially, commonly known as International Women's Day, many of us rally together to support women, advocate for women, and pursue a better future for women of all shapes, colors, and sizes. However, I believe that caring for women, especially women in need, should extend far beyond the month of March.

It's Challenging for Addicted Women to Find Support

Female recovering addicts find it challenging to get support because they are often barred from receiving the social, mental, and emotional support they need in recovery due to so many societal expectations, unfair gender roles, and the inability to take time off. Some women are so consumed with life responsibilities that they don't even bother to pursue recovery at all. While others would love to seek out sober supports but aren't given the time or ability to due to a lack of time, lack of finances, or an inability to find proper childcare to attend rehab or even a single recovery meeting.

With all this said, if you know a recovering mom, friend, grandma, neighbor, aunt, coworker, or cousin who needs support, I want to encourage you to reach out and give them a helping hand. Even something as simple as helping to provide proper childcare or finding a good therapist can go a long way for a woman in need.

Even though Women's Day has passed, there is so much work to be done for women everywhere. Let's do better to lift each other up and look for the good in one another. Have some compassion not just for the women you love, but for all women and at all times.

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