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About Dan Hoeweler, Author of Creative Schizophrenia Blog

Hello, my name is Dan Hoeweler, and thank you for visiting my blog, Creative Schizophrenia. The purpose of this blog is to help bring hope to those whose lives have been touched by schizophrenia and create a further understanding of one of the most stigmatized and misunderstood of all mental illnesses.

dan-hoeweler-150x150Despite having schizoaffective disorder, I have gone on to write for street papers, literary journals and horror magazines nationwide. I use my illness in a positive way – in my writings and through painting my characters within the same paranoid delusional landscape that I had endured for years before getting proper treatment.

I hope to share some of my poetry with you periodically through audio and video recordings on my blog. I would also like to keep you up to date on any of my future book signings, poetry readings and additional publications that may come out. If you are interested in exploring my writings, I have a professionally made website entitled The Schizophrenic Writer where they are featured.

Creative Schizophrenia Blog Welcome Video

Like some people suffering from Schizophrenia, I have been homeless, I have abused alcohol and have slept on people’s porches and couches for extensive periods of time while suffering the incredible pain and horror behind this mental illness. I am here today to bring hope to those who have none. To say that even a life with great pain can have great meaning, and that even a homeless alcoholic schizophrenic can become a much better person.

30 thoughts on “About Dan Hoeweler, Author of Creative Schizophrenia Blog”

  1. Hi Dan, I came across your blog and I’m very intrigued by how you deal with this condition. I’m just starting to look at my conditions as an illness, a way of thinking that improvement is possible with a proper treatment. I’ve worked at a psychiatric clinic and am now studying psychology so I’m very aware, in that sense, of what would be the medical treatment and how it would be regarded. But I also have four people in a close proximity, including my husband, who believe I’m a psychic and can read their minds and see the astral events. It’s interesting that what I say about my delusions seem to convince them that I’m right. Is it common individuals with schizophrenia attract others with the same condition? This thing I have have prevented me from forming new relationships and holding onto a job, which is why I’m considering getting a help. I don’t see how aliens and CIA and secret government facilities would help me pay the bills. I think you’ve found a great outlet to your creativity, and it’s encouraging to see that you are using it to your advantage. Thank you for your forum.

  2. Dan im as well I have schiziaffective disorder its difficult to think properly and have motivation to leave the house alot but your inspirational poems allow me to relate and open up more very hard to find people like us that are labeled with this disorder and love to read your works so I know that we’ve been in similar sailed ships jeep up the good work

  3. Hello Mr. Hoeweler,
    My name is Pierina Santa Maria and I am a senior in the IB program (International baccalaureate ). For my Higher level Music Theory class, we’re asked to compose 3 original compositions. I am completely enthralled by your poem “Blast off to insanity” and would like to use if for my first composition., making an arrangement of it. I’d like to set it to music, to sing it and have piano, violin, cello and flute accompaniment. I am not very sure what the process would be for me to use your poem (given that you give me permission to) I will not be making a profit from this, this is solely for a necessary school project that i need to do to receive my IB diploma. I hope you’ll consider my offer. Please get back to me ASAP.
    Thank you very much
    Pierina Santa Maria, santamaria.pierina98@gmail.com

  4. this is amazing i was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia 4 years ago n i still dont understand it properly but this is truly inspirational to see some one with similar issues as me doing so well
    the two lines below particulary spoke to me:

    To experience death
    A thousand times

    i feel like that alot and constantly think something someone is going to kill me and ive invisioned it a million and one times.
    anyways you are a true inspiration and proof just because someone is labeled with “schizophrenia” doesnt mean there crazy it means we have a higher perception off life its self… thankyou

  5. Dan H…you inspire and give hope. My daughter, recently diagnosed at age 27, needs hope. I will try to guide her here to your blog.

  6. I am relieved and intrigued and inspired by a story you published here and your insights into using creativity for health. I feel very much the same way about both things! There exists a grey zone between our false beliefs and our true beliefs and experiences that others don’t understand. For many of us, our knowledge is on the fringe before during and after our logic gets extra (positive symptoms, not lacking logic!) details that hamper it. I salute you as a fellow good-intentions person who shares a common experience and who is ostensibly trying to be better and to help others.

    Please just be careful with your fiction. If the actual humINTS started thinking it was real, they might interact with you in annoying ways. Peace to you.

  7. Unexpectedly quick response. Thank you my friend! Funny thing is I sat here and spaced it all. It appears fine still but Im not sure if its because im using my phone. Writing is my ability to vent without needing anyone present but in actuality much more prefered because not anyone i have befriended knows anything of its experience much less vwntex to abouf it lol god way to scare people off. I have many many poems all with vivdly desribed depth but the several in reference to my diagnosis seem to get the most attention. My biggest problem is the fake publishers all over the internet. Luckily I am extremely protective of my life long devoted work and havent lost any but if you could please help me know of Any I mean Any true publishers. Due to all the widely known fake publishing thefts of others right to their work using extremely believable tactics mixed with an acute but well controlled acute paranoia leaves me backing put after several backed out attempts in around about a decades time had kept me in the dark to only be held back by the not knowing with no one in or around my life who has ever known or practices the same art. My email is skitzo10184@gmail.com if you could pleaee leave even just a small foot step in thd right direction. To share my minds insight and experiencez in my unknown perceptions has been a highly mptivs ted dream sense I picked upa pen and pad at age 11. I honestly feel it is not my work that holds me distant from my wantex and worked for dream but just my lonely ignorance to who to show iit too. Thank you for your kind words my friend I can relate with uncommonly and unknown rarity to have such a severe diagnosis and be able to share and represent the truth of it in a respect skilled art form desribing as well as opposing the strong stereotype. Joshia Siron

  8. The Good and strongly talented gentelman who began he blog here, has not only managed control over the insanity of reality outlawed to irratic cause and effect and at time complete perversion in perception. Prooved thwm wrong. I to found almost more control and awareness of its switches in deceived dimensions so to speak. Believe this or not one very interesting and extremly odd ultimately over all benificial stradegy to differentiate a voice or any heard that at rare time is to hard to tell any difference between hearing something everyone else hears and what only I hear, is that I am legally tone deaf in my right ear…..Unless its nof the one everyone else can hear. So mono is reality for everyone and stereo is reality meant only for me. Anyway if you ever read this Dan please know my heart isnt hidden to compare and compete but rather just a few steps behind you in the equility of the same defeat solely fought within who only once to reveal the untold story’s only felt to most through the same soul that spilled its heart throughout 20 years until I too overpowered and learned to defend myself against its once frightfully thought undefeatable condemning power over my always knowing no differnt birth into Schizoaffective disorder
    I hope my poem is not just enjoyed but felt by all with or.without any symptom of this diagnosis. So it may enlighten truth to help shine over stereotype

    Life With Schizoaffective: a poetic narrative – Joshua Siron

    Let me sit here and get twisted My name is unlisted Labeled unwanted I’m subconsciously taunted Hearing voices before making choices I’m haunted Man practices magic on me Rituals with chemicals and other forms of blasphemy Cursed sense birth Ive seen and heard the underworld’s worst Like children screaming for help in dark corners Nothing is there yet I hear them crying like mourners Shadows fly by my eye I’m tortured but won’t die I see things unnaturally and don’t know why My home is occupied with ghosts that have no desire to hide I see and hear them on the outside but they tell me that it’s all coming from inside So if I have evil visions Am I crazy or do I cross dimensions I feel others tensions As I try to explain that I have good intentions Please stop looking at me like less of a person Because the hell in which I dwell tends to worsen under the pressure to stop you with pleasure Do not enter my head or you might come back damaged or even brain dead My life is like lead that’s hot Because I pack a burning sensation in a solid head shot I don’t see dead peopleI feel them as they are my equal Not from this life but it’s very next sequel A true member of generation X The child of God that makes life so much more complex What’s next can’t be described in text I’m prepared but have little anticipation on the next auditory, visual, or tactile hallucination So God bless my heart and make it tough Because my own odds are looking rough I suffer cold nights With suicidal fights and others just can’t get enough They love me for being cold yet my future could be me deaf, alone and old Left only hearing what those voices have to say Lord hear my fear I just want to be okay for today that’s what I say to myself everyday I’ll make it through I have to But little do you know you haven’t a single clue What the hell I’ve actually been through -Joshua Siron

    1. Hello Joshua, keep it up you have real talent. Poetry is good for the soul 🙂 And great for my mental health (and probably yours too). I wish the spacing was write on the poem, wordpress seems to squish it all together.

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