Building Self-Confidence When You Have Depression

August 22, 2018 Jennifer Smith

Building self-confidence is challenging when you have depression, but it is possible. Find out how on HealthyPlace.

Is it really possible to build self-confidence when you have depression? Yes, it can be done. While the challenge is greater for those of us with depression, it truly is within our ability to build up confidence within ourselves. Now that we know building self-confidence is possible, let's find out how we can start working towards that goal today.

How to Build Self-Confidence While Battling Depression

It seems so easy for some people -- particularly those of us who have depression and low self-confidence -- to internalize negative comments that others make about us, whether they speak these hurtful words to our faces or type them on social media. We will carry these painful jabs around and allow them to become negative thoughts we repeat to ourselves. Why can't we do the same with encouraging and positive words that people speak to us?

Here's the good news. We can. If someone compliments you, internalize that and make it your thought about yourself. Repeat the good thoughts to yourself until you believe them. You may need tangible reminders for a while. I've been there. Write good thoughts about yourself on your bathroom mirror. Stick them on notecards and post them throughout your house. Write things like, "I'm lovely," or "I'm smart," or "I've got a great sense of humor." Write about the beautiful things that make you who you are. Keep doing this until you believe it and until you don't need to hear it from anyone else. That is self-confidence

Find some activities you enjoy doing and discover which ones you do really well. Once you begin to feel some confidence in who you are, you can share your talents with others. When depression has left us so low for so long, we often don't have the energy or motivation to get out of bed or take care of our basic needs, much less think about developing our talents; however, once we've been able to build self-confidence, we can discover our areas of expertise and creativity again. For example, I rediscovered my passion for writing and I've been able to use that to reach out to others. That has helped me build self-confidence. 

Give yourself grace. When you fail, try again. Healing is not linear -- this is something I often repeat to myself. Depression recovery is a journey. For many of us, the journey will last a lifetime. We will slip into bad habits sometimes. We will have moments when we forget our coping skills and our world feels like it's crashing down around us. The important thing is that we get back up and continue to walk in self-confidence, armed with the knowledge that depression will not defeat us. 

Watch this video for more details about building self-confidence while battling depression. I also discuss an area in which I'm still struggling to build self-confidence.

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