Dr. Reid Wilson Resume

R. Reid Wilson, Ph.D.


Ph.D. The Fielding Institute. Clinical Psychology. 1980. Dissertation: The Relationships Among Depression, Pain Perceptions and Therapeutic Activity in Chronic Low Back Pain Patients.

M.Ed. Antioch Graduate School. Counseling Psychology. 1977.

B.A. with Highest Honors. University of North Carolina. Sociology. 1973.

Professional Experience

July 1992 - present Department of Psychiatry, UNC School of Medicine, Chapel Hill, N.C. Clinical Associate Professor.

February 1989-December 1990 American Airlines' Achieving Flight. Psychologist.

September 1984-present Private Practice. Chapel Hill, N.C.

September 1984-1990 Clinical Hypnosis Training Program, Southeast Institute. Chapel Hill, N.C. Director.

September 1980-July 1984 Private Practice. Daniel Rutrick, M.D., P.C., Cambridge, MA.

May 1983-July 1984 Department of Psychiatry, Mt. Auburn Hospital, Cambridge, MA. Associate Staff.

January 1983-June 1981 Department of Psychiatry. Whidden Memorial Hospital, Everett, MA. Specialized Personnel.

January 1981-June 1981 Creative Living Center. West Roxbury Park Community Mental Health Center, Boston, MA. Child Therapist-intern.

August 1977-November 1979 Boston Pain Center, Massachusetts Rehabilitation Hospital, Boston, MA. Staff Psychologist.

Summer 1977 Monadnock Family and Mental Health Services. Petersborough, N.H. Therapist-intern.

September 1976-May 1977 Creamery Mental Health Office, Shelburne, VT. Therapist-intern.

September 1973-June 1976 Mental Health Project. Carolina Population Center, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, N.C. Training Coordinator.

October 1971-August 1973 Human Sexuality Information and Counseling Service, Chapel Hill, N.C. Founder and Director.


Licensed Clinical Psychologist. State of North Carolina. License #1044.

Certified Consultant in Clinical Hypnosis. American Society of Clinical Hypnosis. Certificate No. 0696.

Professional Service

Anxiety Disorders Association of America. Member, Board of Directors, 1986-present.

National Conference on Anxiety Disorders. Anxiety Disorders Association of America. Chairman. 1988, 1990, 1991.

North Carolina Society of Clinical Hypnosis. President. 1985-1987.

Phobia Society of America. Southern Regional Governor. 1984-1987.

Phobia Research and Practice Journal. Founding Editorial Board Member. 1987-1995.

The Ericksonian Monographs. Founding Editorial Board Member. 1984-present.

Other Professional Organizations

American Psychological Association. Member.

North Carolina Psychological Association. Member.


Foa, E.B. & Wilson, R.R. Stop Obsessing!: How to Overcome Your Obsessions and Compulsions, New York: Bantam Books, 1991.

Wilson, R.R. Don't Panic: Taking Control of Anxiety Attacks, New York: Harper & Row, 1986; Harper/Perennial Library, 1987; Revised Edition, 1996.

Wilson, R.R. (ed.) Problem Pregnancy and Abortion Counseling, Family Life Publications, Saluda, N.C., 1973.

Chapters, Articles and Booklets

Ettigi, P., Meyerhoff, A.S., Chirban, J.T., Jacobs, R.J. and Wilson, R.R. "The Quality of Life and Employment in Panic Disorder." Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease. 1997; 185(6): 368-372.

Chirban, J.T., Jacobs, J., Warren, J., Ettigi, P., Sodomsky, M. E., Clarke, J. F., Meyerhoff, A. S., Wilson, R. R., Frank, M., & Abramson, Y. M. "The 36-Item Short Form Health Survey (SF-36) and Work Productivity and the Impairment (WPAI) Questionnaire in Panic Disorder." Disease Management and Health Outcomes. 1997 Mar; 1 (3): 154-164.

Wilson, R.R. "Imaginal Desensitization," in Lindemann, Carol [ed.], Handbook of Phobia Therapy, Jason Aronson, 1989 [Revised, 1996].

Wilson, R.R. "Brief Hypnosis and Visual Rehearsals for Fearful Clients," North Carolina Journal of Mental Health, Vol. 2, No. 25, 1988.

Wilson, R.R. "A Step-wise Self-help Paradigm for Panic Disorder," Phobia Practice and Research Journal, Vol. 1, No. 2, 1988.

Wilson, R.R. "Breaking the Panic Cycle: Self-Help for People with Phobias." Rockville, MD: Anxiety Disorders Association of America, 1987. (59 page Booklet)

Wilson, R.R. "Interspersal of hypnotic phenomena within ongoing treatment," in Zeig, J. [ed.], Erickson psychotherapy: volume II, clinical applications. New York: Brunner/Mazel. 1985.

Wilson, R.R. "The Relationships Among Depression, Pain Perception and Therapeutic Activity in Chronic Low Back Pain Patients." Dissertation abstracts, 1981.

Wilson, R.R. and G.M. Arnoff. "The Therapeutic Community in the Treatment of Chronic Pain." Journal of Chronic Diseases. 32-7, 1979.

Arnoff, G.M. and R.R. Wilson. "The Therapeutic Community: A Focus for Treatment with Pain Rehabilitation Centers." Pain Abstracts: Volume One.

World Congress on Pain. 1979.Arnoff, G.M. and R.R. Wilson. "How to Teach Your Patients to Control Chronic Pain." Behavioral Medicine. 5-7, 1978.

Arnoff, G.M., R.R. Wilson and S.S. Sample. "Treating Chronic Pain: The Team Approach." Journal of Nursing Care. 11-14, 1978.

Wilson, R.R. "Sexual Counseling Skills Workshop: A Trainer's Handbook." Carolina Population Center. University of North Carolina. 1977. (77 page Booklet).

Bauman, K.E. and R.R. Wilson, "Premarital Sexual Attitudes of Unmarried University Students in 1986 and 1972," Archives of Sexual Behavior, 5-4, 1976.

Wilson, R.R. and B.A. Baldwin, "A Pilot Sexuality Training Workshop for Staff at an institution for the Mentally Retarded," American Journal of Public Health, 66-1, 1976.

Baldwin, B.A. and R.R. Wilson, "Moving from Drugs to Sex," Behavior Today, 5-48, 1974 and Psychology Today, February, 1975. (abstract).

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Wilson, R.R. Contraceptive Education: A Self-Instructional Course (booklet), Carolina Population Center, University of North Carolina, 1974.

Wilson, R.R. "The Sexual Revolution vs. the Quiet Revolution" and "Targets for Change" (chapters 13 and 14) in The Population Activist's Handbook. New York: Macmillan & Company, 1974.

Baldwin, B.A. and R.R. Wilson, "Peer Services in Human Sexuality and Health Education," Crisis Intervention, 5-3, 1974.

"Contraceptive Techniques" in Problem Pregnancy and Abortion Counseling. R.R. Wilson [ed.] Family Life Publications, Saluda, N.C., 1973.

"The Effects of Educational Stimuli on Change of Sexual Knowledge and Attitudes," Honors Thesis (Sociology), University of North Carolina, 1973.

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