Natural Alternatives: Neuro 911, Neurofeedback for ADHD

People share stories about a natural health product called Neuro 911 and neurofeedback as alternative treatments for ADHD.

Natural Alternatives for ADHD

Neuro 911

This 100% natural product is kicking up quite a storm in the Canada and the United States. It's a formulation of amino acids, vitamins and minerals that apparently has taken 63 years to create. Ken Wells from Alberta, Canada, writes:

"I represent a company called Quest IV Health Products. This company has a patented 100% natural nutritional product that eliminates the need for stimulant medication in most ADHD cases. It has been used for the last 11 years in over 700 hospitals and clinics throughout the USA & it's name is Neuro 911. It is now available to general public fo the very first time. We have over 11 years of Clinical/Medical Studies available."

John Furrow from New Brunswick, Canada, writes:

"My son is ADHD and is on the Neuro 911 product and is doing fantastic, our living hell is over and now life is good. He is now more focused and is able to exhibit more control and his sleep paterns have improved. My parents (who live 200 miles away) did not see him untill after he had been on Neuro 911 for 6 weeks. They were so amazed that they now take it themselves to treat stress and improve sleep! "

EEG Biofeedback or Neurofeedback

This drug-free approach is becoming very popular in the USA and is also available in the UK (see below).
The EEG Spectrum website at explains it best.

"EEG Biofeedback is a learning strategy that enables persons to alter their brain waves. When information about a person's own brain wave characteristics is made available to him, he can learn to change them. You can think of it as exercise for the brain.

What is it used for?

EEG Biofeedback is used for many conditions and disabilities in which the brain is not working as well as it might. These include Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and more severe conduct problems, specific learning disabilities, and related issues such as sleep problems in children, teeth grinding, and chronic pain such as frequent headaches or stomach pain, or pediatric migraines.Bal Singh from the UK writes:

"EEG Biofeedback or Neurofeedback pioneered in the USA has been available in the UK since 1996 from EEG Neurofeedback Services. This is the UK's only full-time comprehensive neurofeedback practice offering treatment as a NHS service provider or by private referral. As well as treating ADD/ADHD, they have also dealt with a variety of other conditions such as Tics, Dyspraxia, Dyslexia, Learning Disabilities, Asthma, Epilepsy, etc. This leads to the elimination of medications such as Ritalin, Pemoline, Respiridone, Becotide, Epilim as the brain learns to take control. Actual write-ups from people who have recieved the treatment can be found at as well as local press/radio articles featuring the work of the practice. The work of the practice has also been featured nationally, in the Sunday Times, since 1998."

Alex Elsaesser, PARNET Assistant, Cerebra-For Brain Injured Children and Young People writes:

"The Imperial College School of Medicine is to start testing a remarkable NEW THERAPY for attention problems from USA. This is comes after two years of negotiations and a transatlantic trip for Professor Gruzelier instigated and funded by The Rescue Foundation - (now Cerebra-For Brain Injured Children and Young People).

The therapy requires no drugs, surgery or other invasive procedures, just training of the child to regulate their own brain!

It has been known for many years that children with attention, hyperactivity and learning problems often have abnormal brain waves (EEG) and that they can be trained to alter them. Professor Lubar of Tennessee has demonstrated repeatedly that when these children self-regulate their brain waves the symptoms of inattention and hyperactivity diminish or disappear altogether! But .... the first children that will have the opportunity to try this remarkable therapy in the UK will be those enrolled on the research programme that is validating the therapy for the UK. The intention is to train appropriate professionals to make the therapy more widely available hopefully through the NHS."

Alex Elsaesser

Website: Annette writes:

"I came across your web page in my search for worms for my organic garden.

I notice that your organization is involved with ADHD.

Your information to your public is very incomplete in this respect if you do not have a link to Margaret Ayers web site. Margaret Ayers has been one of the founding and basic pioneers in neuro feedback, in the development of the equipment, and the treating of ADHD, open or closed head injury, coma, stroke, epilepsy, migraine and cluster headaches, anoxia, learning disabilities, dyslexia, and clinical depression.

She is the inventor all patents hold of the only on line real-time EEG equipment. The "real-time" enable a more skilled and precise interpretation of the brain wave patterns and provides the opportunity for immediate correction of abnormal rhythmic patterns.

She is the only person in the WORLD who is able to bring a person out of a second stage coma with the aid of her machine. She lectures all over the world to doctors and clinicians.

I ought to know, I have had six major auto accidents all with major head injury. Margaret Ayers gotten rid of my ADD, my seizures, she have recovered my speech, and short-term memory. If it were not for Margaret Ayers, I would be a street person today.

I have sat in her office and talked with other patients, many who have come to her from other, not so qualified practitioners and doctors. Margaret Ayers is truly one of God's miracle workers.

If you're going to me talking about ADHD treatment, then having her webpage is a MUST!!!!!

Wishing us all health, wholeness and healthier planet, "

Dana from Country -- Michigan, USA writes:

"My adopted son, Robert, was born crack addicted in 1990. Diagnosised with ADD/ADHD at 3, he has been on stimulants all his life. He has fought and overcome the special education school system for the last 3 years. Through neuro-feedback he has learned to control his symptoms plus his rages due to holes made in his brain by his mother's drug use. He wants to help the other 400,000 children born and adopted out each year. We have written a book on his journey to show the different methods we used and what he had to endure at the hands of the school system. He has succeeded but nobody wants to hear his story."

Ed. Note:Please remember, we do not endorse any treatments and strongly advise you to check with your doctor before using, stopping or changing any treatment


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