Dissociation Self-Test

Is it possible you have an ego state disorder? Do you dissociate? This questionnaire may help you decide if you should get help now.

  1. Do you sometimes find yourself "zoning out" in the middle of a conversation, nodding your head appropriately, but unable to get yourself back in it and fearful that you will be found out?
  2. Did you spend a lot of time in fantasy as a child, so much so that teachers or parents criticized you for being "in another world" a good bit of the time?
  3. Does fantasy interfere with your life as an adult? Do you daydream about pleasant things so much that it jeopardizes your job or compromises your relationships?
  4. Do you feel like quite a different person from time-to-time?
  5. Do friends suggest that you seem quite changeable, different from day-to-day?
  6. Are you accident-prone?
  7. Do you make a lot of "Freudian slips" -- where you think one thing but say or write something quite different, even the opposite?
  8. Do you have a sense that part of you is missing or had to be jettisoned along the way?
  9. Do you notice things about your sex life that you think are weird, like hating to be touched in ways that most people seem to enjoy?
  10. Do you have large chunks of your childhood that are devoid of memories?
  11. Are you more indecisive than most of the people you know?

[A score of six or more "yes" answers is suggestive of Ego State Disorder.]

Caution: This is not a standardized test, and the scoring is only suggestive.

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Last Updated: September 25, 2015

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