Intensity Seeker

Milling through the passages
of a wanting heart's desires
I lur
In the stillness I feel clawse intensity to my door
at each pass
looking, seeking frenzied peaks
for a hunger
origins unknown
fulfillment fleeting
encouraging moments
to look back..forward
seeing with new eyes
the crocked limbs of the dead trees
to the places my desires
have led me

Intensity Seeker

The darkness of it sends shivers
turns my head
to ask
how did I arrive here
in this murky forest

Whispers of light
shine through my outstretched hands
holding at bay
the future visions
projected before me
yet beacons me to
see, see, see what's before you
open your eyes love

To honesty's end I have found
little intensity
but calm assurance
peace which sustains
the pure essence
of a momentarily
desperate heart

Now I call to you
come to me peace
cradle me in your arms
nurse this hunger
who's wanton glow
burns eternal


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