De-stress in an Instant: Any Time, Any Place

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Being able to de-stress in an instant might sound impossible to do, but it isn't. Learn how to de-stress right now on HealthyPlace

De-stress in an Instant: Any Time, Any Place

De-stressing is tough because stress is brutal. Stress takes a toll on mental and physical health. We can make lifestyle changes to reduce the effects of stress over time, but what about those times when we feel highly stressed (stressed out) in the moment, something immediate that we must face?

It is possible to de-stress in an instant, no matter where you are or what you're doing. It takes just one powerful trick. To de-stress in an instant, close your eyes, take a slow, deep breath, and visualize your greater purpose.

Visualizing Your Greater Purpose to De-Stress

Psychologist Viktor Frankl studied the importance of meaning and purpose while imprisoned in concentration camps during WWII. Today, research continues to show that a sense of purpose is powerful and has a positive impact on physical and mental health, including stress reduction. You can use it to de-stress in an instant, whenever you need it.

Take time to reflect on your sense of purpose. Why do you do what you do despite stress? Create a visual image to represent your purpose.

Draw on your image to de-stress in an instant. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, recall your image, and remember that you have a greater purpose. Knowing this will reduce your stress instantly any time, any place.

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