Focus Is Hard When You Live with Mental Illness

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Focus Is Hard When You Live with Mental Illness

Mental illness disrupts our ability to focus. This isn’t surprising, as mental illness affects the brain, the hub of focus and concentration. Different mental illnesses affect the brain differently, so problems focusing don’t look the same for everyone.

This sampling highlights different ways mental illness disrupts our attentiveness:

Your brain can learn and grow. Think of what difficulties you are having. Then, choose exercises that fit your needs:

  • Engage in physical exercise that allows you to read a book or magazine while doing it. The movement paired with a concentration activity improves focus.
  • Do short exercises a few times a day in which you concentrate on something. Gradually increase the time you spend doing this.
  • Practice mindfulness. Shift hyperfocused thoughts from your head to the concrete world, and use your senses to immerse yourself in the moment.

Knowing how your mental illness impacts your concentration allows you to create a custom plan to sharpen your focus.

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