Overeating Videos: Binge Eating Help

Compulsive binge eating tends to isolate the binge eater and decrease their self-esteem, making it less likely that the compulsive binge eater will get help. Binge eating videos can be of help in overcoming compulsive overeating as they offer hope, support and they let the binge eater know that they are not alone. Compulsive overeaters may feel like they are the only one with an obsession with food and that to stop overeating is impossible, but videos on binge eating disorder can show overeaters that others have learned how to control binge eating and they can stop overeating too.

Overeating Videos - What is Compulsive Binge Eating?

Videos on binge eating disorder often use the terms overeating and binge eating, sometimes synonymously. This binge eating video expertly explains the difference between binge eating and overeating.

This binge eating video outlines how critical professional binge eating treatment is to stopping overeating. Dr. Ann Kulze also talks about what drives an average person to binge eat and how to control binge eating. Dr. Kulze strongly recommends exercise as a way to reduce or stop overeating.

Binge Eating Videos - Symptoms and Causes of Compulsive Binge Eating

Compulsive binge eating disorder is known to be primarily caused, or brought on, by extreme stress in a person's life. This binge eating video outlines stress as a binge eating cause.

This is one of many binge eating videos that outline the primary symptoms of binge eating disorder. The three primary compulsive binge eating symptoms are: eating past the point of being satisfied, eating until there is discomfort and being out of control while eating.

Overeating Videos - Binge Eating Disorder Long-Term Effects and Obesity

Videos on binge eating disorder often relate obesity and binge eating disorder directly. In other words, if a person is obese, they must have binge eating disorder and if a person has binge eating disorder then they must be obese. This video on binge eating disorder discusses the link between obesity and binge eating.

The primary long-term effect of binge eating disorder is obesity. This video on binge eating disorder outlines the health hazards associated with binge eating and obesity.

Effects of binge eating include mental, physical and public health problems. This binge eating video details health concerns including:

  • The psychological effects of self-medication with compulsive binge eating
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disorder
  • Joint problems
  • A nation becoming more obese and needing binge eating help
  • An increase in juvenile diabetes

Compulsive Eating Treatments and How to Control Binge Eating (Binge Eating Video)

Psychotherapist Joanna Poppink, M. F. T. discusses ways to stop overeating as part of a series of videos on binge eating disorder by EmpowerHER.

Poppink emphasizes preparing ahead of time for how to control binge eating before the urge to binge strikes. Poppink focuses on calm breathing and waiting for the urge to binge to pass. She explains the concept of "being the ocean and not the wave". She also talks about writing down feelings to help stop overeating.


How to Stop Binge Eating Video

In this binge eating video, Star talks about how to stop binge eating by taking care of yourself.


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