How to Score the Mood Disorders Questionnaire

Take the Mood Disorders Questionnaire before reading this scoring page.

The following scores are the most  indicative of having bipolar disorder, though be careful: a positive test does not mean you have bipolar disorder.  The authors of this test found these scores include the most individuals  who do have bipolar disorder, and "rule out" the most individuals who don't have it.

Section 1: 7 "yes" responses
Section 2: Yes
Section 3: Must have caused some problems in your life

Please be careful and understand: the test you took is not magic. Even using "7 yes's" as the cut-off, one person in 10 will be missed - with the test showing they "didn't have bipolar disorder". Similarly, getting 7 yes answers doesn't prove you have bipolar disorder, because there can be "false positives" too, with this or any such test.

But this is a good starting point to share with your doctor.


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Last Updated: May 17, 2019

Medically reviewed by Harry Croft, MD

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