How to Help Special Needs Kids Be Mentally Strong

May 21, 2014 Guest Author

Children who have physical disabilities take a long time to come out of their cocoons and become confident individuals. Some of them never do. These are the children who also suffer from some mental disorders along with physical disabilities. Some of these mental disorders are present since birth while some develop as the child grows up. A difficult childhood is, unfortunately, a given with them. Let’s look at how we can turn things around for them and make special needs kids mentally strong.

Social Acceptance and the Special Needs Child

Being different is difficult in our world and physical disabilities make you stand out. When children of the same age group do not talk to you, or corner you as you cannot do things that they do, you feel a little less confident. This feeling grows over time and can turn into a social phobia.

Other kids may start calling them names due to their disability and some teachers may discourage or prevent them from participating in various activities. These children are always at a higher risk of being bullied. This might induce fear and contempt in their young minds and negatively affect their mental growth.

To prevent this, attending inclusive classes with a positive atmosphere is extremely important. Teachers need to realize that these children need special attention and compassion. When other children start seeing their teachers behave in a positive and encouraging manner towards these kids, they are more likely to do the same.

Relationships of Special Needs Kids

Special needs kids are at high risk for developing further mental health issues. Here are tips on keeping special needs kids mentally strong.As they grow up, the disparities become more evident to special needs kids. This is the time when they are most likely to withdraw themselves. They might be labeled a recluse, incompetent and be unable to establish healthy relationships. However, even if one person reinstills their confidence in them, it can make a huge difference to their mental condition. Having a friend at this stage can help in quick recovery. Try being their friend.

As parents and teachers, show faith in them and their abilities. Motivate and appreciate them both privately and in public. Help them develop a positive sense of identity and take the leap into independence.

How We Can Help Special Needs Kids Remain Mentally Strong and Stable

  • Behave with them like you would with any other kid. Smile or say a pleasant hello. Don’t turn away looking at them or look through them like they don’t exist.
  • Pay attention to them if they are tugging at your sleeve or making attempts to connect with you. Make an effort to understand what they are saying. Don’t walk away.
  • Talk to them like you would to anyone else about anything under the sun. Make them feel they are just like us, which, after all, they are.

A physical disability is very difficult by itself. We do not need to push those suffering from it further into a black hole of mental illnesses as well. Heed their call, be active and help them take a step towards a mentally stable and better life.

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