PTSD and Nightmares: Dream Revision Technique

April 12, 2013 Michele Rosenthal

As someone struggling with PTSD, you've probably had a nightmare or two that evokes either your direct traumatic experience or the feelings that went along with it.

Why do we have nightmares? What is their purpose? Is it possible to get them to stop?

How You Can Start Stopping Your Nightmare

Dream Revision Technique

After my trauma, I had the same recurring nightmare for years. During my PTSD recovery, that nightmare went through a series of evolutions. The story actually changed as my recovery progressed. Same type of dream; different story as I became more and more empowered, strengthened and whole.

The same can happen for you. In the video below I describe a terrific technique called dream revision that you can try tonight to begin making change in your dreams.

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Author: Michele Rosenthal

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