PTSD Recovery: How to Make a Mountain into a Molehill

October 26, 2012 Michele Rosenthal

When you look at the mountain of PTSD recovery, does it seem like Mount Everest? Do you feel like you're there at the bottom of the mountain, one little person beneath the weight of an enormous backpack?

Making PTSD Recovery More Manageable

One of the things I was soooo guilty of in recovery (let me know if this resonates with you) was looking at the overall task of recovery and trying to wrap my head, brain, arms, legs, emotion and will around it. From that point of view, it seemed like I was just too far gone into crazy-ville to be able to move forward.

What I learned during my PTSD recovery, and now teach all of my clients, is a simple way to make overcoming symptoms of posttraumatic stress a whole lot easier. Take a listen...

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Author: Michele Rosenthal

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