Natural Ways to Fight Seasonal Affective Disorder

February 10, 2019 Brandy Eaklor


Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) also known as seasonal depression, causes those of us who struggle with it to feel more depressed during the winter. If you notice that in the winter months you feel fatigued, poor sleep patterns, weight gain, or irritable, you could be one of many who struggles with SAD. In this article, you'll learn some natural ways to fight Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Lifestyle Changes to Fight Seasonal Affective Disorder

Change Your Diet

Although one of the symptoms of SAD is weight gain or increase in sugary, starchy or salty cravings, fighting the urge to indulge in your impulses may help. Do your best to avoid sugary or highly-processed foods. Instead, focus on adding in more lean meats, and berries as these foods help to boost mood and fight symptoms of SAD. 

Take Supplements

In the winter, you're likely spending less time outside and therefore, not getting sufficient amounts of Vitamin D. Taking a Vitamin D supplement could be the key to feeling better during the winter. B12 is a vitamin that has been linked to depression, so make sure you are taking enough of that as well. Check with your doctor, and see if there are any vitamins your body is low on for the best results.

Techniques to Fight Seasonal Affective Disorder

Light Therapy

One reason many of us struggle with depression is the lack of natural sunlight. The daylight hours are shorter, and we can feel it. To combat this, using light therapy can be an extremely effective method for treating SAD. Light therapy consists of sitting near a lightbox, a device that emits high amounts of LED light. If you can, keeping the windows open or spending more time outside can be beneficial as well. 

Stress Management Techniques

In addition to any remedies you use to ease SAD, it can be helpful to have a few go-to stress management techniques that work for you during all of the seasons. Some techniques could be yoga, meditation, journaling, or turning to a creative outlet. 

If you think you struggle with SAD, reach out to a therapist to help create a personalized plan to help you better enjoy the winter months. What do you do to fight seasonal depression or SAD? 


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