No, I Can't Just 'Snap Out Of' My Depression

August 25, 2022 Juliet Jack

"Get over it." "Snap out of it." If I had a dime for every time I heard those phrases about depression, let's just say I could quit my day job. It irritates, no infuriates, me that the sheer magnitude and hardship that is depression is diminished. It makes a challenging experience all the more compounding. It is hard to say if it's ignorance that drives this misconception or stigma or if the two are even mutually exclusive; one thing for sure is that none of it is helpful to an individual struggling.

Education Can Help Refute Misconceptions Tied to Stigma

Watch this video to learn more about stigma and the power of empathy and education.

Although stigma can stem from various places, the overarching way to combat stigma is through education. Awareness can also be a stepping stone towards eradicating stigma, but it's important to remember that awareness is not the same as understanding or acceptance.

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