Prioritize Your ED Recovery Over Someone Else's

August 18, 2021 Mary-Elizabeth Schurrer

There will often come a time in the healing process when you feel an impulse to share what you've learned with someone else and invest in their eating disorder (ED) recovery as well. I have experienced that urge in my own personal journey, and I've also watched it manifest in other ED recovery warriors I know.

But as noble as this desire to help can be, it also could become toxic if you don't reinforce boundaries to protect your mental, physical, and emotional wellness from the other person's unhealthy behaviors. I was faced with a stark reminder of how important this is just a few days ago; so, in the video below, I want to discuss why it matters to prioritize your own ED recovery before investing in someone else's.    

Why It's Crucial to Prioritize Your Own ED Recovery First

Whether you have been in the process of healing from ED for just a few months or several years, I cannot overstate how crucial it is to prioritize your own ED recovery before investing in someone else's. Otherwise, this instinct to help can actually start to harm both you and the other person in the long term.

In order to maintain a relationship dynamic that's constructive and mutually beneficial, here's what I have learned about how to be involved in someone else's recovery while ensuring that my own commitment to health and wholeness remains intact. It's a delicate balancing act for sure, but I hope you will find these strategies useful.

What's been your experience with learning to prioritize your own ED recovery before investing in someone else's? Does this come naturally, or is it a discipline you have to work at consistently? Please share your insights in the comment section below. 

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