Deciding To Go Inpatient For Eating Disorders Treatment (Video)

December 26, 2011 Angela E. Gambrel

There are times when your eating disorder and/or other co-morbid illnesses require inpatient psychiatric treatment. In an earlier post, I discussed my decision to enter an inpatient psychiatric hospital for anorexia, alcohol abuse treatment. In this video, I talk more about why I need inpatient eating disorders treatment.

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Author: Angela E. Gambrel

Derek Sackey
June, 6 2013 at 7:37 pm

Alcohol abuse is a pattern of drinking that results in harm to one’s health, interpersonal relationships, or ability to work. According to Gelder, Mayou and Geddes (2005) alcohol abuse is linked with suicide. They state the risk of suicide is high in older men who have a history of drinking, as well as those suffering from depression.

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