Phone Applications (Apps) and Their Effect on Mental Health

November 10, 2016 Hannah Blum

As a Millennial and mental health advocate, it is important to learn about technological advancements such as phone applications (apps) and their effect on mental health. There are new developments in science and technology aiding those struggling with a mental health condition (Time for Tech in Depression Treatment). Phone applications and newer technologies are proof that more attention is being paid to mental health and the need for mental health funding and awareness. Check out these apps for your phone that can aid in good mental health.

Phone Applications Designed to Provide Mental Health Support

Technological advancements in mental health range from phone applications to wearable devices. What's available? What works? Read this.Phone applications designed to provide mental health support are increasing in popularity. The app PTSD Coach has been downloaded more than 150,000 times in 86 different countries. It is an application that assists veterans in monitoring their mental health. The app provides practical solutions for the problem at hand. According to Nature Research, in 2014 a study of 45 veterans revealed that more than 80% felt the app is helpful.1

Another phone application designed to provide mental health support is the app FOCUS. FOCUS provides users with a series of questions pertaining to how they are feeling. Based on the answers given the app suggests strategies for handling the problem. FOCUS is designed for individuals with schizophrenia but can be helpful for many in need of mental health support.

A simple suggestion may not be enough for someone struggling with their mental health. The phone application ClinTouch connects users who are in need of professional help to a clinical care team. Phone applications designed to provide mental health support are helpful resources that extend beyond traditional methods.

Mental Health Phone Apps

However, these phone applications and devices have to be monitored and used carefully by patients in the future. It will be interesting to see the effectiveness of these types of devices and their effect on mental health.

Mental health phone apps are popular among people with a mental health condition and people in need of support in a time of crisis. The apps range from helping people manage stress to providing support for teens dealing with depression or bullying. In a society where technology is ever changing, it is important to know what some of these apps are and how they work.

See my video about the mental health apps that are important to know about in 2016.


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