Help for Teenage Self-Esteem

August 14, 2015 Kristen Virag

I remember being a teenager -- calling that phase of life a challenging time is an understatement! Many teenagers need self-esteem help because not only are you going through physical changes that affect your mood and hormones, but you are also trying to find who you really are.

How do you do this when during the teenage years you're so influenced by others? How do you do this when it’s painful to go against your peers, and all you want to do is fit in? If you are unique and don’t conform to the norm, you start to feel like you’re not good enough (The Truth About Self-Esteem). How does one get through this transition period into adulthood? Here's some help for teenage self-esteem.

Don't Let Others Affect your Mental Health and Teenage Self-Esteem

Many teenagers struggle with mental illness due to low self-esteem. Teenagers must learn to embrace their uniqueness and love who they are.

It only takes a few people putting you down to start stripping away the layers of your beautiful self. Many teenagers, unfortunately, suffer from self-esteem issues and mental illness. However, you must remember these things people say about you. They are only stories and you don't need to believe them. There is a big, exciting world after your teenage years to look forward to. In the meantime, try and be thankful that you’re young with your whole life ahead of you, and be happy that you’re unique because it has great advantages. Find things that are good about you -- are you good at sport, music, cooking, writing, helping people? Focus on the good you in you. There is always a lot to find.

Remember You are Unique and It's Wonderful to Help Teenage Self-Esteem

I can now see as an adult, that what happened throughout my teenage years affected my self-esteem. Being somebody who was always a little different, I always struggled to find what really made me tick. It was only after I found my love for music and embraced my uniqueness that I was thankful I wasn’t like everybody else. In this video I have a positive and powerful message for teenagers going through this hard time and provides self-esteem help for teenagers.

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