Learn Habits to Reduce ADHD Symptom-Related Problems

June 29, 2017 Kathy West

Changing habits to reduce ADHD symptom-related problems isn't easy, but it's worth it. Here's how I work with Adult ADHD to make it more manageable.

I have a disability called adult attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). ADHD causes many symptom-related problems that I must learn to manage. For instance, if you are blind, you prepare an environment and create habits that make the disability more manageable. I am approaching the disability of ADHD by transforming my environment and creating habits that reduce the problems caused by my ADHD symptoms.

Two Habits That Reduce My Adult ADHD Symptom-Related Problems

Paper Clutter

I have a serious problem with managing the amount of paper that arrives each day in the mail. It was all brought inside. I would never need any of this mail except for bills, personal letters and things relevant to my life. Something as simple as bringing in more clutter was causing much anxiety.

So, I moved my outdoor recycling bin and garbage can next to the mailbox. I sorted out the junk and discarded immediately. Many days, I find that I have no mail to take inside. I can stop the inflow of things I do not need. This has been an easy habit to change.

Losing My Keys

In spite of creating a new habit for how to handle the mailbox clutter, there was still much disorganization in the house. It became very easy to lose things. If things were organized, things would be much easier to locate.

Not knowing where I put my keys often causes me to be late. I have terrible time management skills. Often, I have not allocated the time I need to get to where I am going. Discovering that I can't find my keys as I am walking out the door is very stressful.

I am going to look for a cute hook to put just inside the doorway. I will hang them there immediately whenever they are not in use. I have never put them in a particular place and this is the next habit I want to break. It takes focus to accomplish adopting new habits but I know it is essential.

Changing Habits for ADHD Symptom-Related Problems Does Not Happen Overnight

Changing my personal routine and designing my home to be adult ADHD-friendly will be a process of taking very small steps. The anxiety caused by disorganization, lack of focus, and time-management will be reduced.

It is most important to be patient. Each step will improve your self-esteem.

Acceptance feels good.

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