Adult ADHD Tools

December 9, 2013 Elizabeth Prager

Adult ADHD is a "point of performance" disorder. We don't have difficulty learning, we have difficulty applying our learning when a situation calls for it. There are tools to help those of us with Adult ADHD to focus better, be more productive and, ultimately, be happier. And, for serious, who doesn't want to be happier?

There are helpful tools we can use to help with our daily lives!This watch is sleek and looks pretty much like a normal watch. The cool thing is - you can program it to help with your Adult ADHD. This tool is made by Watch Minder and it vibrates to give you fairly discrete cues throughout the day. You can program up to 30 events EVERY DAY. It makes sure that daily tasks are completed consistently and that random appointments will also be kept. There are no beeps that give away to strangers and friends that you're having a watch to help you with your executive functioning skills - it vibrates, just like that person next to you who keeps texting during the meeting.

This is the Sleeptracker. I just found this today and I want one so bad. Not sure if everyone here knows it, but Adult ADHD messes up our sleep cycles. I do not fully understand the physiology behind it, so I won't say the exact reason here - but, it is a truth. Adult ADHD means that we experience our sleep cycles (like REM) differently than other people, which often means we do not get fully rested in the same way as others. The Sleeptracker analyzes your sleep and wakes you up when it senses your body is ready to wake up optimally rested. It doesn't wake you up when you move or bounce, it wakes you up by analyzing your sleep pattern all night long. Amazing!

The last tool to talk about today is one you'll have to do some research on unfortunately. Since I don't know what smart phones everyone has, I can't say which one is right for you - but, this is something I highly suggest. A business card scanner app for your smartphone. I don't know about you all, but I lose a LOT of business cards. I put them in my desk when I get home from events and there they sit until I do a "deep clean" of my house and throw them away. Save paper and the need to remember where you put what by getting an app that scans business cards.

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Author: Elizabeth Prager

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