Adult ADHD and Surviving the Holidays

December 23, 2013 Elizabeth Prager

Writing this Adult ADHD blog every week for nearly a year has made me slightly cuckoo about my ADHD. In order to write 350+ words every week, I need to be super introspective and think about my disorder regularly and with regards to nearly every aspect of my life. This week, I'm going to talk about the holidays, because that's what's on my mind. How to survive the holidays with Adult ADHD.

The Holidays and Adult ADHD Issues

For ADHD adults, keeping on your toes and taking your breaks will make your holiday one with few mistakes! Learn how to survive the holidays with Adult ADHD.Non ADHD'ers also have issues around holiday time, but we get some unique challenges all our own. Yes, seeing Uncle Bernie once a year and never knowing what he'll say next is stressful - and, so is never knowing what you're going to say next. Our impulsiveness can make us a blast at parties with people our own age, but it can make us part of the "Holiday 2013 horror story". In the words of the fake Mad-Eye Moody (from Harry Potter): "Constant vigilance!" When you're about to say that thing you want to say, take a breath - in fact, maybe take two. It might be the funniest thing you've ever said in your life, or it could be the most off-color joke that will get groans from around the dinner table. Stay on your toes, good folks!

Please, if you do anything, take breaks. The amount of social time needed during the holidays can be immense. Being surrounded by your loved ones is wonderful, and it can lead to some difficult moments. Being social can egg on your impulsive/hyperactive side and can make you more and more of both. Take a break in another room with a book or some meditation. It will save you a lot of apologies and regrets in the end to spend 10 minutes every so often by yourself.

Have a good time! The holidays are a special time of the year when it's not absurd to spend a ton of money on a plane ticket home to see that crazy Uncle Bernie. I hope you all have a very safe and joyful holiday!

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