What I Love About My Adult ADHD

July 29, 2013 Elizabeth Prager

Yes, Adult ADHD isn't my friend a lot of the time. It's true - I struggle. Still, there are totally things I love about my brain that I don't think would be possible if my Adult ADHD weren't present. I think it's about darn time to talk about my favorite parts about it!I get nervous before social engagements, especially large group gatherings. I get worried that I won't know the right things to say, I'll just stand around awkwardly and I won't have any fun. Once I get myself into the situation, though, my hyperactive brain kicks in and my nerves dissipate. My brain fires on all cylinders and I am able to get my jokes out faster than other people and I'm often able to think of something to say to make another person laugh. I love to make people laugh and my fast-working brain allows that to happen.

Another thing my ADHD brain allows me to do is to keep the conversation going. I know a little about a lot of subjects. My brain gets really excited about a number of subjects for short bursts, and I'm able to gather some bits about this and that before I become bored and switch to the next thing. This allows me to connect with a lot of different types of people about a lot of different things.

I also love knowing what it means to have a brain with Adult ADHD. There is a pretty clear set of behaviors that we all have. One thing: we tend to be black and white thinkers. Since it's often the case that self-awareness is the first step, knowing this about myself has given me the ability to fight against it. Over the years, I've gotten so much better at thinking laterally and abstractly simply because I've been able to know it's one of my short comings.

What's your favorite part of the ADHD-you?

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Author: Elizabeth Prager

marilyn kruse
August, 5 2013 at 11:45 am

Well, it looks to me like Elizabeth is probably ADHD, which is pretty much opposite of what I have, inattentive ADD. I'm a slower thinker, and trying to jump into a conversation fast enough is sometimes a challenge. But what I like about my type is I'm always searching for meaning and depth, so ideas and talking more one-on-one are what seem to turn me on.

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