Surviving Spring Holidays with Binge Eating Disorder

March 17, 2016 Star LaBranche

Spring holidays are coming up fast and when you have binge eating disorder (BED), it can be a difficult time to survive. Parties and social gatherings can trigger your binge eating disorder, relatives and friends can play any variety of roles, including food police and concern troll, and beyond all of that, there's seasonal foods that can lead to overeating or binging. Here are some tips on surviving the spring holidays with binge eating disorder.

Surviving Spring Holiday Foods with Binge Eating Disorder

Going to a holiday party is exciting, but when you have binge eating disorder, a Surviving spring holidays with binge eating disorder sometimes means dealing with food heckling. All you want is a nice meal. Can you get it? Read could act as a trigger. When you know your aunt is bringing her famous green bean casserole and your cousin is preparing his traditional deviled eggs, it's natural to be excited about getting to share a meal with friends and family.

Sometimes those with BED can overeat not from an urge to self-harm with binge eating or a loss of control over BED recovery, but just because the food tastes really, really good . When it's a special occasion and you don't get this special food that frequently, it's easy to lose track of how much you've eaten and justify to yourself that eating more is fine because this is a rarity (Overeating And Binge Eating Disorder).

Surviving Spring Holiday Socialization with Binge Eating Disorder

It would seem that no holiday would be complete without someone casting doubt on whether or not binge eating disorder is a real illness. Even without the outright refusal to acknowledge your medical condition, it's common for people to make comments about your body and/or your eating.

When you can't even eat a plate of food without attention being brought to it and commentary added, it makes it very frustrating to even attend holiday gatherings. Feeling as though you emerged unscathed might be difficult and sometimes it feels as though enjoying yourself is impossible.

Spring Holiday Survival with Binge Eating Disorder

Whether we like them or not, the holidays will come and go and when you have binge eating disorder, they might continue to be difficult to navigate. It's important to remember that living and coping with binge eating disorder is a journey. Some might have no problems with holidays and have supportive family and relatives who would never make them feel uncomfortable or single them out. But, unfortunately, not everyone is at the same place with themselves, with their binge eating disorder, or with the holidays.

Next week I'm going to go into more detail about coping skills and strategies to get you through the upcoming spring holidays.

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