Binge Eating Disorder and My Personal Experience

September 10, 2015 Star LaBranche

I recently had someone question me as to why I write about binge eating disorder when all I have in relation to binge eating disorder is personal experience. I'm not a doctor, an eating disorders expert, a binge eating disorder therapist or a sociologist. So why should anyone listen to me when I talk about binge eating disorder? I asked them, "Would you rather be in the passenger's seat with someone who has studied driving for 12 years or someone who has been driving for 12 years?" I have binge eating disorder personal experience.

My Binge Eating Disorder Experience Is a Valid, Personal Story

I write about binge eating disorder because I have binge eating disorder. What I say is from personal experience, and it is valid and valuable. Read this.

When it comes to my writing, I make absolutely no claims to be anything other what what I am: a woman who has been living with binge eating disorder and is discussing her personal experiences. The only thing I'm an authority on in this topic is my own knowledge. And there's nothing wrong with that.

The way I see it, I am the other side of the same coin that makes up the reality of binge eating disorder. I recently did a study for binge eating disorder where I answered questions and wrote about what I went through before and after my binge eating disorder diagnosis. My participation was very valuable to them because, for all science can tell us, my personal experience of living this disease provided an insider's point of view that they couldn't get from someone without binge eating disorder.

My Binge Eating Disorder Personal Experience Is Also Empowering

When it comes to things I've had personal experience with, binge eating disorder is yet another one that I'm very vocal about. When you listen to a doctor, the binge eating disorder information is going to be data and facts, which it should be. When I talk about it, I add the human element. I am not a statistic in my own life. I'm a living, breathing, active participant.

My personal experience affords me a perspective that others don't have; because, I haven't just studied this, I've lived it. I can't give you a breakdown of my brain chemistry or tell you what my blood sugar is doing at any point. But I can talk about what it's like to experience this disease and help others with binge eating disorder to feel less alone and hopeless. I remember what it was like to think that I was the only person in the world with these eating problems and it was awful. But I'm not alone; you are not alone. I have binge eating disorder and I am willing to talk about it.

Appreciate My Binge Eating Disorder Personal Experience For What It Is

When someone commented on my personal experience with binge eating disorder I made it clear that I am writing on a specific topic for a specific audience. If someone wants statistics and facts about binge eating disorder, they need to look somewhere else. I am, at best, a case study for the disease, and even then, I only discuss what I feel comfortable with.

But if you want to read about the real life and struggles of someone with binge eating disorder, you have come to the right place. I can talk about the compulsive hunger. I can talk about feeling completely out of control. I can even talk about my experience with gastric sleeve weight loss surgery. I know what binge eating disorder is like from the inside, and my personal experiences are valid and valuable.

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