Binge Eating Disorder and My Surgery Recovery

August 20, 2015 Star LaBranche

I have binge eating disorder and I recently recovered from surgery. So how does one impact the other? How are things different when you have an eating disorder and you go through surgery recovery? Why would these two, separate things be related at all?

Binge Eating Disorder is Related to Everything, Even Surgery Recovery

Your body is all connected, including binge eating disorder and surgery recovery. It's
common to compartmentalize parts of your life and that can include your body. But everything is interconnected. Whatever you go through is going to have an impact on your entire being, including your eating and body image.

I Recovered from Surgery and Kept a Handle on My Binge Eating Disorder

I recently recovered from surgery and didn't let my binge eating disorder get the better of me. Preparedness helped me stay in control during recovery.

It wasn't easy, but I was prepared for dealing with my binge eating disorder while I was recovering from surgery. And I did stay in control at all times. On August 4th I had breast reduction surgery. Recovering from my previous gastric sleeve weight loss surgery was much easier, all things considered. In an effort to live without the daily pain and discomfort caused by oversized breasts, I got the reduction.

When I began recovery I was on narcotic pain medication and was mostly out of it. I ate small portions and didn't have much appetite. I stayed in bed for days. I napped, watched Nadia G's cooking show on DVD, slept, and occasionally got on Facebook to update everyone to my progress. On day five my hunger hit me like a brick with a small wedge of lemon wrapped around it. I was surrounded by food in my room and my brain told me eat all of it.

I kept myself to the small portions I had been eating. It was so tempting to go over to my desk and get one of items that I had stocked up on before my surgery when I knew I needed easily accessible food. But I listened to my stomach when it was full, I didn't graze, even though my mind was telling me food was needed, right now, this second, and I didn't let my small, annoying child, compulsive hunger, convince me that I needed to eat when I wasn't hungry.

Prepare Yourself for Binge Eating Disorder When You're Recovering From Surgery

I did so well with my binge eating disorder and surgery recovery because I had been mentally preparing myself for weeks. I knew I was in a situation that was ripe for binging and I had access to lots of foods. So I kept going over in my mind that I was going to want to binge and I would have to be ready for it.

When it happened and the urge to binge hit me, I wasn't at all taken off guard. I was prepared. It really helped me to go over in my head what I knew could happen and make sure that I was going to be able to stay strong mentally even though I was physically healing and on pain medication. Helping to prepare yourself for difficult binge eating disorder situations can be the key to overcoming them when they happen.

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Author: Star LaBranche

August, 22 2015 at 1:53 am

I used to smoked then I stop and I starting to eat junk food.
One day instead to stay home I grabby my kids, my dogs and went for a walked.
I did not realize at the time I not longer craving cigarettes, sweets and I lost weight.
Today I walk all the time and I added Yoga and swimming.
I love every moment of my life.
So, do not give up, just switch for something else.

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