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How To Do Something You Are Afraid Of

How do you do something you are afraid of? How do you face your fear and do it anyway? Sharing lessons learned from doing something I feared.

Last week, I was interviewed on the news. This is beyond anything I usually do. As a counselor, I usually sit in a room with one or two people. Listening is much more important than talking in that context, so I am not very experienced at sounding poised. I don’t think ideas come out of my mouth as smoothly as someone who teaches or speaks regularly.

So this was daunting. I just pictured myself “um”ing and “uh”ing, forgetting what I am saying. I was scared. This was way out of my comfort zone. So why didn’t I just avoid it?

Sometimes, when we are faced with something we are afraid of, we decide that we don’t want to do it even though sometimes we do want to. We decide that it is not worth getting over our anxiety to do it. Playing it safe seems easier, so we become less interested in doing things we might enjoy. We miss adventures because of our anxiety.

I don’t want to limit my activities and adventures by doing this.

So, how do you do something that you are afraid of?

Just don’t think about it.

How do you do something you are afraid of? How do you face your fear and do it anyway?Potentially, there are so many things that we could be afraid of. Losing people, making a fool of yourself, failing, getting hurt, etc. And if we think about the worst case scenario, it might stop us from doing anything. There is always a chance that something bad can happen, but what if we spent our whole day worrying about it.

Some people do. Everyone in the world has varying degrees of potentially bad things that can happen to them. Yet, some people don’t spend their days full of anxiety. Do you know why?

They just don’t think about it.

This is how I do things I have to do, but I am very afraid. I just don’t think about it and keep going. I distract myself. I did the busy tasks that I needed to do to get ready. Then, just took my mind off it until I was ready to go. And then I faced by fear and just did it.

How do you do something that you’re afraid of?

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5 thoughts on “How To Do Something You Are Afraid Of”

  1. I do not know why this technique worked for me in college but it did. When I had to do a presentation, I would pretend I was an actor. I was well prepared and went about it as a role I was playing.

  2. Hi jody your saying do not think about the axiety? I thought is the opposite of what you do because it only feeds and makes the anxiety worse! The only way to get rid of it is to a accept and let go of anxiety.
    Correct if I am wrong lets say for example fear of interacting with people when it comes to conversation. Thoughts are: mind goes blank, can’t follow a conversation, don’t know what to say exc.
    then all or some of I happens and I feel worthless sad ot of reality angry u name it I feel it !
    So therefore ur saying when those things enter my mine . Achnoldge the thoughts but do not think about them? What do I think about? I am just confused about the whole concept of accept añd letting go then? I thought that is and the only is to get rid of anxiety?Can I just not think about and ignore those other things ? Just confusing ? Christopher
    Ps u probably remember me not to long ago when I ask u a post the. Differance between letting go and acceptance? Maybe I am missing the point?

  3. We all go through that and facing fears almost always mean choosing between something we will forever regret or be thankful for. In the end, we are sure that so many things are best conquered.

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