Anxiety at Work - A Story

For some of us, a job is a labor of love. For others, it's the sole means by which we support our families. And for many, a job can be an overwhelming source of stress.


 We face a variety of situations at work, and there is a commonality to those which cause us the most stress.

Whether it's being laid off, dealing with a difficult boss, having anxiety about job security or coping with an excessive workload, things happen every day at work that can result in undue stress on our emotions.

Ever since

the big lay-off, weird things started happening to me. I couldn't sleep or eat. I'd scream at my kids for the littlest things. My job had become a living nightmare. I was doing the work of three people. The pressure never stopped. And instead of saying thanks, my boss acted like I was lucky to still be here. Every day I'd wonder if I was next to get the axe. A friend at work gave me the name of a psychologist. At first, I said, "No way." But finally, I realized I couldn't fix this on my own. So I went. And it helped. I found constructive ways to deal with this situation, work better with my boss and manage the stress. My psychologist smiles when I tell her she saved my life. I know for sure she saved my job.

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