Internet Addiction Books

Books written by Internet addiction expert, Dr. Kimberly Young on a variety of subjects pertaining to Internet addiction.

Breaking Free of the Web: Catholics and Internet Addiction

The ultimate guide for Catholics who seek to break the addiction of the Internet. It offers methods of healing that are therapeutically sound and rooted in faith. It includes how-to measures and real-life scenarios about people struggling to kick their Internet addiction, in addition to spiritual exercises and prayers that will guide Internet addicts through the difficult journey of health.

Caught in the Net

In Caught in the Net, Kimberly Young shares the results of her three-year study of Internet abuse. Often using the words of the Internet addicts themselves, she presents the stories of dozens of lives that were shattered by an overwhelming compulsion to surf the Net, play MUD games, or chat with distant and invisible neighbors in the timeless limbo of cyberspace.

Tangled in the Web: Understanding Cybersex from Fantasy to Addiction

Tangled in the Web offers a critical look at Cybersex fantasy and its potential for addiction, and provides a comprehensive plan for recovery to help individuals hooked on adult chat rooms, online pornography, web cam sex, or a Cyberaffair. Couples dealing with online infidelity will also learn how to save their relationships with a seven-step plan to rebuild commitment and regain intimacy. Families will learn how to encourage a cybersex-addicted loved one to seek treatment and finally, therapists will learn how to work with clients who suffer from Cybersexual-Addiction.

Internet Addiction E-Books

Breaking the Denial: Confronting a Loved One Addicted to the Internet
Why would a parent use the Internet to the point it causes pain for their children? Why would a spouse jeopardize a marriage for pictures on a computer screen? Initially, Internet users will rationalize that people are unable to become addicted to a machine.

Understanding Compulsive Online Gambling and Treatment for Addicts
Online casinos have sprung up practically overnight into a multimillion-dollar business, attracting a large number of gamblers worldwide. Compulsive gambling has been around for decades, but now access and opportunity are even greater with the invention of Internet gambling, bringing with it a new form of addictive behavior.

Infidelity Online: A Guide to Rebuilding your Relationship after an Online Affair
This exclusive guide and interactive workbook is specially designed to help you and your partner rebuild your relationship after a cyberaffair. The guide provides you with proven techniques to help save your relationship from virtual adultery.

When Gaming Becomes an Obsession
This booklet helps parents understand the warning signs and risk factors associated with obsessive gaming and provides specific advice on how to deal with a son or daughter's gaming addiction.

Getting Web Sober: Help for Cybersex Addicts and their Loved Ones
This exclusive step-by-step guide is specially designed to help you and loved ones recover from cybersexual addiction. Leveraging proven recovery techniques, this invaluable book will help and serve as a useful clinical guide for therapists.

A Therapist's Guide to Assess and Treat Internet Addiction
This comprehensive book outlines the symptoms and risk factors associated with Internet addiction. You will learn how to integrate traditional recovery strategies with specialized technique unique to this client population and step-by-step recovery strategies for effective treatment planning.

Managing Employee Internet Abuse: Strategies to Stop Internet Abuse in the Workplace
Does your company worry about employees who surf the Internet? Does your company fear the damage created by employees who abuse the Internet such as lost productivity, information security breeches, and liability in discrimination lawsuits initiated by harassing worker email? Each year, corporations lose billions because of employee Internet misuse but are unsure how best to combat the problem.

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