The Feelings Chart

Evaluate the categories of feelings and then your levels of intensity of feelings to figure out where you're at.-

Intensity   Feelings        
Happy  Sad  Angry  Scared  Confused  Strong  Weak


Satisfied  Hurt  Superior  Fearful  Bewildered  Potent  Over-
 Elated  Hopeless  Furious  Panicky  Trapped  Super  Impotent
Overjoyed  Sorrowful  Seething  Afraid  Troubled  Powerful  Small
Proud Depressed  Enraged Distraught  Torn/Split Trusting  Useless
Together  Rejected  Victimized Miserable  Disorganized Competent  Incapable
Complete Unwanted Drained Frightened  Mixed-up Energetic  Insecure
Free Grief  Jealous Threatened  Foggy Confident  Inferior




Ashamed Remorseful Insecure Disoriented Capable Defensive
Up Upset Annoyed Uneasy Uncertain Attracted Shaky
Good Distressed Frustrated Very strained Divided Sure Unsure
Hopeful Down Agitated Shy Don't know
Secure Soft
Peaceful Defeated Tense Timid Bothered Durable Shy
Loving Beaten Strained Unsure Safe


Glad Lonely "Fed Up" Nervous Uncomfortable
Content Sorry Uptight Strained Undecided
Satisfied Lost Dismayed Reluctant Tired
Positive Bad Put Out
Guilty Nervous
Warm inside Embarrassed- Inconvenienced 
Feel safe Disappointed Tired of
Feel secure Inferior Put upon
Accepted Repulsed Repulsed
Affectionate Remorse Competitive 
A sense of
Respected Defensive



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