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If you are a victim of domestic abuse, physical abuse, emotional or verbal abuse, here's how to break free.

Welcome. My name is Laura, and I'm a domestic abuse survivor. I am not a therapist - but I have "been there, done that."

There are many abuses. Physical abuse, verbal abuse, sexual abuse, mental abuse, and emotional abuse are only a few. The type of abuse I suffered for fourteen years was mental abuse and emotional abuse, rather than physical abuse. Now, I would never say that one is worse than the other. They are all awful in their own way. In one sense, I was fortunate that I did not have to endure bruises or broken bones. On the other hand, the kind of bruises I got can only be healed by forgiveness and time, rather than icepacks and stitches. I do not want it to seem like I am minimizing the pain of anyone who has suffered physical abuse. I'm not. I just want you to understand that it's a different kind of pain.

I want to share my story on these pages, in the hopes that even ONE PERSON benefits from what I experienced. As I tell my story here, no doubt with many tears along the way, I will also include whatever helped me out of it, such as books I read, other stories I heard from friends, etc. Hopefully, this site will help SOMEONE out of a similar situation.

My Story of Abuse

One important note: I realize that this site seems like it is "for women only," but please don't think that I am blind to the fact that there ARE men out there suffering from abuse by their wives. I know it's there. And I hope that those men have the courage to share their stories with us also. We welcome you.

I will tell you now, I divorced him in April of 97 and met a simply wonderful man - and yes, I have my children with me. So there is a "happy ending."

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