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Largest consumer mental health information website,, provides free, trusted resources for people seeking anxiety, depression, and bipolar help for themselves or loved ones.

The comprehensive resources available on the website offer authoritative information for people seeking mental health advice and help for anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder. The site provides a critical service to those underserved by the current health care system and who lack the financial resources to pay for mental health treatment, or even begin searching for accurate information.

All people, not just those with money, can find help for bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, depression and other mental illnesses on HealthyPlace.comThe HealthyPlace website addresses one of the most daunting problems facing the U.S. healthcare system as it undergoes massive reform: mental health illiteracy. Many people do not know where to find reliable anxiety help, or help for depression and bipolar disorder, when they suspect that they, or loved ones, suffer from one of these mental illnesses. Visitors will find a full range of resources that provide authoritative advice and help for bipolar disorder, anxiety and depression, including where to find mental health services in their community as well as answers to other important mental health questions.

Cost Primary Reason Why Americans Don't Seek Help for Mental Illness

A recent Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) report reveals that 46 million Americans have a mental illness, but only 39 % of those people received some kind of treatment in 2010. According to the report, 44 % reported cost as the primary reason for not seeking help. Another 32 % chose to try handling their mental health issues on their own. Other reasons given for not seeking treatment include not knowing where to go for help and not having time. Ten percent of participants said they feared others would discover their mental health condition, indicating that stigma associated with mental illness kept them from getting the necessary treatment.

The team strives to build public awareness of the site’s trusted mental health resources so that all people, not just those with money and mental health literacy, can get help for bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, depression, and other mental illnesses says President, Gary Koplin. “It’s our goal to empower people with accurate mental health information, so they can make informed choices for themselves and loved ones as well as join with us in the fight to eliminate stigma associated with mental illness,” he adds.

Medical Director, Harry Croft, M.D. agrees, “The time is now to stop perpetuating the negative mental disorder stereotypes proliferated by all U.S. media platforms. We constantly update our site resources to reflect the freshest and most accurate mental health information available anywhere.”

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