Impotence Related Problems

male sexual problems

Although doctors are able to give men their erections back, they and their partners may not regain full enjoyment of their sexual experience. I think the psychological side of impotence is frequently inadequately addressed.

I realize that although in many cases there is a clear physical reason for a man's erection problem, their psychological reactions to these male sexual problems often compound them.

Through the months or years of difficulty achieving or maintaining your erection, you probably have developed a series of negative emotional reactions associated with the sexual experience.

  1. Tension, anxiety - developed through the frustration and disappointment of not experiencing a completely satisfying sexual experience.

  2. Worry about failure - thoughts focused on the possibility of things not going well: not maintaining your erection, not ejaculating, not pleasing your partner.

  3. Rushing - for guys who could get a partial or temporary erection, a tendency to rush to penetrate, and possibly to ejaculate before the erection is lost.

  4. Not psychologically close to your partner - as a reaction to your failure experiences, you have focused your attention less on being close to your partner and more on your performance.

  5. Not attending to the sensual, sexual aspects of the experience - as you focused more and more on your physical performance you became less and less aware of the touch, sight, sounds and smells of the experience.

  6. A feeling of tension has arisen between you and your partner when sexual matters are broached as you both react to the series of frustrating experiences you have both experienced with the other in recent times.

These reactions will not necessarily change by themselves when your erection is restored. That's the reason for individual and/or couple's counseling.

You may find here information for your wife or partner.


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